Yusuke Takayasu. B.1987. Master of Physical Education. Japanese. Raised up in rural sides of Japan and the United States. 
I have been researching, instructing, talkingtaking photography, and writing poetry
Interested in intuition, subconsciousness, and out of the common sense. Minimalism but love to collect things.
flow of my life
2020: 2nd solo exhibition "Life Flows Like Water" in Tokyo, published "Water-Evaporation-Infinity", group exhibition "NEW JAPAN PHOTO 10 Exhibition" in Dubai, started "1 DAY 1 MONTH"
2019: started creation work, 1st solo exhibition "Seeking For The Primitive Beauty" in Tokyo, photo book "Hibi to Syashin"
2018: recuperation from worn-out
2016 to 2017: training session to many successful people, and public speakings
2015: started independent business, married
2014: quit the fitness club, joined a start-up "TEETER TOTTER", suggested to Alexander Wang that he design white sneaker
2013: tried a medical college - passed the paper test but finally rejected
2012: Master's degree in Physical Education at N.I.F.S., moved to Tokyo, got a job at an exclusive fitness club as trainer
2011: studied at INTO Oregon State University, won the first prize in a presentation contest
2010: Bachelor's degree in Physical Education at N.I.F.S. and went on the graduate school
2009: took a tryout for pro basketball player but rejected
2007: started blogging and taking photography
2006: moved to Kagoshima, Japan, started N.I.F.S.
2003: started pursuing the greatest training method to become a better basketball player
1995: started playing basketball, baseball and track & field
1993: moved to Ibaraki, Japan
1991: started playing soccer dreaming a pro
1990: moved to Tochigi, Japan
1988: moved to Oak Park, USA
1987: born in Fukushima, Japan

personality pattern
A Japanese renowned fortuneteller says; artistic type, so quick-witted that bad at listening to people, worse performance as starving, weak bronchus and skin, sharp tongue but humane, dislike group activities but like human, have really good luck, and intuitive. This pattern frequently shows on dancers and singers. 
INTP(or INFP)in MBTI - introvert, desire for knowledge, creative
1 in Numerology - high curiosity, strong energy, leadership, unique
Strengths - idea person, sympathy, collector, responsibility, adjustment