Independently researching - "Improvement of Human's Performance" is the principle theme for years; providing training and coaching and public speakings. Presides at fasting club "1 DAY 1 MONTH". Master's degree in Physical Education.
Creating things - Photography and Poetry. Solo exhibition twice. Published tabloid book "Water-Evaporation-Infinity".
High intellectual curiosity, love to collect things but minimalism as well, introvert and ex basketball player. Interested in intuition, communication through money and out of common sense.
Timeline of my Life so far​​​​​​​
1987.Born in Koriyama, Fukushima
1988.Moved to Oak Park, USA
1990.Moved to Oyama, Tochigi
1991.Started playing soccer dreaming a pro
1993.Moved to Mito, Ibaraki
1995.Started playing basketball, baseball and track&field
2002.Got to know Comme des Garcons and Paul Harnden
2003.Started pursuing the greatest training method
2004.Met Bruce Weber's photos
2006.Moved to Kanoya, Kagoshima, started N.I.F.S.
2007.Started blogging and taking photography 
​​​​​​​2009.Challenged a tryout for pro basketball player but rejected
2010.Bachelor's degree in Physical Education at N.I.F.S. and went on the graduate school
2011.Studied at INTO Oregon State University
2012.Master's degree in Physical Education at N.I.F.S., moved to Tokyo, got a job at an exclusive fitness club as trainer
2013.Tried a medical school - passed the written test but finally rejected
2014.Quit the fitness club, participated a start-up "TEETER TOTTER", suggested to Alexander Wang that he would design white sneaker
2015.Started own business - trainer / performance coach, married
2016.Provided personal training to many successful people, public speakings
2017.Worn-out, depression
2019.Started creation works: photography and poetry, 1st solo exhibition "Seeking for the Primitive Beauty", Tokyo, photo book "Hibi to Shashin", quit basketball
2020.2nd solo exhibition "SokuSui MeiShou [Life Flows Like Water]", Tokyo, established a publishing label "UU BOOKS", published a tabloid book "Water-Evaporation-Infinity", group exhibition "NEW JAPAN PHOTO 10 Launch Exhibition", Dubai​​​​​​​, started fasting club "1 DAY 1 MONTH"

Personality Pattern​​​​​​​
An astrologer judged: artistic type, so quick-witted that bad at listening to people, worse performance as starving, weak bronchus and skin, sharp tongue but humane, dislike group activities, have good luck, intuitive.  
INTP (or INFP) - introvert, desire for knowledge, creative
"1" in numerology - high curiosity, strong energy, leadership, unique
love to collect things but minimalism(subjectively)
responsibility - sympathy - adjustment
I'm interested in enhancement / improvement of human's athletic performance for years, because I raised up watching the Nagano Olympic Games - the Sydney Olympic Games - the FIFA World Cup games in 2002, and moments that Japanese athletes did extremely well in abroad - soon I was deeply interested in the differences between top athletes' performances and the others'.
I got a master's degree in physical education and also worked out seriously hard to become a great athlete - I played basketball for 22 years. I have been trying lots of training methods such as Jump Attack by Tim S. Grover, usual resistance training (bench press 1RM 107.5kg / 63kg body weight), pilates method, redcord, ballet, optimal performance training and corrective exercise by the national academy of sports medicine, functional movement, functional strength training, martial arts in ancient times, and Hida-way method. 
Recently, not only physical training but diet and mentality / spirituality; fasting, less meal, inner game, Japanese thought, sense, luck, intuition, buddhist intuition, mysticism, meditation, and effortlessism.

Aesthetic Sense and Into Fashion
My grandmother said that I was particular about clothings since I was a kid. 
Alexander Wang, Arts & Science, Balenciaga, Blue Blue, By Walid, Casey Casey, Common Projects, Dior, Dries Van Notten, Emporio Armani, Ganryu, Graphpaper, Hollywood Ranch Market, Hugo Boss, Lanvin, Margaret Howell, Martin Margiela, Muji, Patagonia, Paul Harnden, Rick Owens, Rogan, Youji Yamamoto - I have been liking. 
Currently I design T-shirts on my own. 
Recent favorites are kimonos and old cloths - feel the value of time. 
My interest is based on the eastern sense of beauty - tea, praise of shadows, sense of transience, indigo, asian coloring - compromise between Japanese and Western styles is supreme. 

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