"Nur" of my life
2021: quit Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
2020: 2nd solo exhibition "Life Flows Like Water", published "Water-Evaporation-Infinity", group exhibition "NJP10 Exhibition", photo exhibition "WITH BEER", started 1 DAY 1 MONTH
2019: started creation work, 1st solo exhibition "Seeking For The Primitive Beauty", photo book "Hibi to Syashin"
2016 to 2017: training session and public speakings to many people
2015: started independent business: freelance trainer, married
2014: quit the fitness club, joined a start-up "TEETER TOTTER", suggested to Alexander Wang that he design white sneaker
2013: tried a medical college - refused at the final interview, shoes I wore were praised by Rei Kawakubo and Kansai Yamamoto
2012: Master's degree in Physical Education at N.I.F.S., moved to Tokyo, got a job at an exclusive fitness club as trainer
2011: studied at INTO Oregon State University and won the first prize in a presentation contest
2010: Bachelor's degree in Physical Education at N.I.F.S. and went on the graduate school
2009: took a tryout for pro basketball player but refused
2007: started blogging and taking photography
2006: moved to Kagoshima, Japan, started N.I.F.S.
2003: started pursuing the greatest training method
1995: started playing basketball, baseball and track & field
1993: moved to Ibaraki, Japan
1991: started playing soccer dreaming a pro
1990: moved to Tochigi, Japan
1988: moved to Oak Park, USA
1987: born in Fukushima, Japan
personality pattern
A Japanese fortuneteller says; artistic type, very intuitive, quick-head, not good at listening to people, when hunger worse temper, weak bronchus and skin, sharp tongue, dislike group activities but humane, and have good luck. 
INTP(or INFP)in MBTI - introvert, desire for knowledge, creative
1 in Numerology - high curiosity, strong energy, leadership, unique
Strengths - idea person, sympathy, collector, responsibility, adjustment