"Sokusui meishou"
則水明生 [生きること、死ぬこと、生きてること]​​​​​​​
2020.7.1 - 7.13
tokyo, japan
Poetry, photography, installation, and sound
Life flows like water. Our lives are limited: life goes to the death equally. Even though things die, however, it doesn't mean they disappear from the world. Cells, molecules and elementary particles get released and start to move around freely. Then, they restart to make up other things. It's just like water flowing. Water are always moving around the world without our certain attentions. Sweats, teardrops, rains, clouds, and the bottled mineral water. borderless. Transcending our comprehensions, things in nature are born, die and always stay in alive.

"Seeking for the primitive beauty"
原始美の探求 〜丸みとの接点と動的視覚記憶〜​​​​​​​
2019.11.12 - 11.18
tokyo, japan
Photography, poetry, and sound
Nature creates curves, while human makes straights. And We feel curved things beautiful. There is such a primitive sense of closeness to curves.