Have been providing individual training and group exercise session since 2012. 
Professions are preventing knee injury (ACL damage), long-term-career conditioning coaching for musicians, rehabilitation from stroke or chronic pain, aging management, and lifelong exercise. 
Key words; reactive neuromuscular training, fascia-tissue treatment, CO2 therapy, primitive human's movement pattern, and oriental senses from ancient times. 
Mixing the western way with eastern way is the strongest point.
Clients are highly professional persons: Including Eddie Jones (world-wide rugby coach) and Youjiro Terada (racing driver, a.k.a. "Mr.Le Mans"), politicians, musicians business executives, actors, medical doctors, sumo wrestles, dancers and etc..
Master's degree in Physical Education, National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist / Corrective Exercise Specialist, TECNICA GAVILAN IASTM, and Specialized Teacher's License (Physical Education)