"1 DAY 1 MONTH" is a fasting club, carries out a whole-day-fasting once a month, aiming the health promotion.
I send emails to the members of 1 DAY 1 MONTH as the reminder on the day before the fasting day. The fasting day is the first day of each month. So you kick off every month with this fasting habit - it sounds polished, doesn't it? New Year's Day is not an exception (but it's all up to you).
Currently, medical science pays attention to fasting because "Autophagy" mechanism has been cleared. The roots of fasting, however, come from ancient times. Ayurveda, the oldest medicine in the world, encourages fasting because it activates self-cure, which we human being has by nature. Even though there are differences among individuals, the positive effects has been discussed a lot by practitioners and introduced by many books.
Hope this can help you.
If you want to join 1 DAY 1 MONTH, you must agree on things below. Then, join us through the contact form at the bottom of this page.
- If you have cancer, liver trouble, kidney trouble, heart disease and arrhythmia, consult your doctor before your participation.
- You should observe your condition on your own and do not exceed your health.
- You may be starving but this is your choice, enjoy it. Death from hunger, can be! lol
- You may be disliked by your surroundings because you will be more energetic.
- You may be envied by your close friends because you will have smoother skin.
- Your environment may be changed because you change.
- You may be forced withdraw because of your attitude to this club.
- Email will be sent on the day before the fasting day - Japanese Standard Time (JST), so some of you may not be able to receive the exact day.

1 DAY 1 MONTH is a free-charged mailing service. We don't physically gather - do fasting by yourselves completely. The each month email is the reminder not to forget to practice. You can join from all over the world to promote your health and sharpen your mind.