2022: co-founded Forko inc., became an Esperantist
2021: started chess
2019: hold "Seeking For The Primitive Beauty," co-produced "Hibito Syashin," made "Short Short"
2018: recorded "Tea Sound Meditation"
2014: requested Alexander Wang to design white sneaker (actually he did)
2012: got a master's in physical education, started my trainer work
2011: lived in Oregon for 2 months
2010: got a bachelor's in physical education and went on the graduate school
2009: took a tryout for a pro basketball player but failed
2006: entered N.I.F.S.
2003: got interested in strength & conditioning
2000: got to like biology​​​​​​​​​​​​​
1997: started basketball and track & field
1988: moved to Illinois and lived for 2 years
1987: born in Fukushima