2021: started playing chess, quit social networking services and blogging
2020: hold the 2nd solo exhibition "SOKUSI MEISHOU," published "Mizuwa Jouhatsu Suruto Mugenni Naru"
2019: hold the 1st solo exhibition "Seeking For The Primitive Beauty," coproduced "Hibi to Syashin," started Short Short, quit basketball
2018: recorded "Tea Sound Meditation"
2016 to 2017: offered training session and public speaking a lot
2015: became independent, got married
2014: suggested Alexander Wang that he design white sneaker, took part in a start-up in the health industry
2013: failed the entrance exam (at the final interview) for a medical school
2012: got a master's degree in physical education at N.I.F.S., started working as a trainer
2011: studied at Oregon State University
2010: got a bachelor's degree in physical education at N.I.F.S. and went on the graduate school
2009: failed a tryout for professional basketball player
2006: started N.I.F.S.​​​​​​​
2003: got interested in strength and conditioning
2002: got into fashion
1997: started playing basketball and track and fields
1990: back to Japan
1988: moved to Illinois, United States of America
1987: born in Japan