Updated September 16, 2020
最終更新 2020年9月16日
The 1st publication, "Water-Evaporation-Infinity (UU BOOKS)", a poetry / photography tabloid book, has been released - now on sale at UUB STORE. Also, printed t-shirts are there. Hope you buy them. 
Since the online store operation is all in Japanese, please contact me if you have any question.
Good Condition, Learning Things I'm Curious About
Daily plain diet, gluten free and less weight training: proceeding. Quit alcohol. Recent favorite foods are daifuku and fumanju.
- Studying French, Arabic and Esperanto on Duolingo
- Writing a thesis in sports science; hard fight
1 DAY 1 MONTH - Fasting Club
I've started a monthly fasting club "1 DAY 1 MONTH". 
If you want to promote your health and sharpen your mind, join. 
個人出版レーベルUU BOOKSを設立し,詩写真集水は蒸発すると無限になる」を出版しました.初の単著出版物です.大型のタブロイド紙版と電子書籍Kindle版があります.迫力断然前者.
オンライン販売はUUB STOREにて.詩写真集の他,個展『則水明生』にあわせてつくったプリントTシャツや展示作品も販売しています.​​​​​​​

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