"Water-Evaporation-Infinity" Released 
The first publication, "Water-Evaporation-Infinity (UU BOOKS)", which is a poetry / photography tabloid book, has been released. 
Hope you buy one.
You May Want To Join "1 DAY 1 MONTH"
Daily plain diet, gluten free, quit alcohol and less weight training; proceeding. Absorbed in barefoot running - can run faster than with shoes. People often ask me how I can be in such great condition: This is it.
I've started a monthly fasting club "1 DAY 1 MONTH" in order to share the importance of the sense of hunger - nowadays we hardly feel it because of our lives are satiated with food and drink. If you want to promote your health and sharpen you mind, join.

個人出版レーベルUU BOOKSを設立し,詩写真集『水は蒸発すると無限になる』を出版しました.初の単著出版物.大型のタブロイド紙版と電子書籍Kidnle版があります.