♝♙♛♖♞♔ - A current favorite opening is the Nimzo-Larsen attack. I need to know how the Queen side fianchetto is working in the best way. In black, the Sicilian or the Scandinavian Defense. The 1 min Bullet game is teaching me what is going on. So deep. Interesting. 
The most surprising things in 2021 were that I witnessed a night march of a family of Paguma larvata on electric wires, and that Fragrant olive flowered three times in one year.
56 books, I read in the last year. David R. Hawkins, Paulo Coelho, Arthur C. Clarke, Timothy Gallwey, Wim Hof, Thomas à Kempis, and Stefan Zweig were favorite.
When I have a plenty of time, and I have no power to play chess nor read books, I'm watching the Namib Desert

18th January, 2022.
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