The extension of moss is fascinating me. For its photosynthesis, I regularly get rid of fallen leaves and give much water. Also, I'm taking care of maple, peony, angiopteris, and matteuccia. They are amazing.
Am into chess and playing it for almost one year. Now studying from Ludek Pachman books. After his intermediate strategical lesson, I will probably go back to J. Capablanca games. Like Dr B does in "The Royal Game," I want to absorb how the master played. Current favorite openings are Queen's Pawn variations. In black, Caro-Kann and Indian Defense. Interested in how to develop the queen side bishop effectively. The most stunning games for me are Carlsen's queen sacrifice, Dubov's 0-0-0, and Capablanca's bishop retreat (the top one).
Nun mi studas nova lingvo por mi, Esperanto. La gramatikaj reguloj estas tre interesaj. Precipe la sufikso estas bonega. Estas facile kompreni. Mi povas legi kaj skribi faciliajn frazojn. 

19 majo 2022